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Modena and Bologna

A Hotel near Modena and Bologna, the right choice if you’re looking for comfort and convenience

The Aquila Hotel is located in Castelfranco Emilia, more or less half-way between Modena and Bologna, thus ensuring a great position for visiting both cities and to organize – for example – a weekend amidst the culture and customs of these two important cities.


A city with many souls: anyone can find good reasons to visit it and its many locations of interest. Here are a few ideas:
UNESCO Heritage
All the splendor of the age of the Italian Communes returns to life in the center of Modena, within an area established by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The area includes the (internationally renowned) Romanesque Cathedral, Piazza Grande, the Ghirlandina, and the Municipal Hall and Vinegar Cellar.

Balsamic Vinegar & the Tortellini of Castelfranco

The whole territory is peppered with many well-known vinegar cellars, where you can discover and taste one of Modena’s greatest wonders: balsamic vinegar. Starting from Spilamberto, right next door from our hotel, where the Consortium for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar defined the authentic recipe.
We must also mention the Castelfranco tortellini, given that this ancient product – now a symbol of the Emilia region – was allegedly born right here!

Museum of the Sticker

Many immediately associate Modena with the historical Panini family, whose legendary sticker albums were a household trademark for many decades of Italian history. The museum of the sticker allows you to browse through the most famous collections and re-experience passion for stickers.

Pavarotti House Museum

The belcanto tradition is another important part of Modena’s identity. Indeed, the precursor of the Italian melodrama, Orazio Vecchi, was from Modena. However, the city is most famously associated with the figure of Luciano Pavarotti. During the last years of his life, the Pavarotti & friends event attracted important international personalities to Modena, including Lady Diana and the Dalai Lama.


The capital of Emilia is the home of a truly vivacious cultural climate, and is today one of the most loved cities by young people, thanks to the many opportunities it offers. Among the many things to see, we suggest:

The University
The University of Bologna (founded by Master Irnerio) is the most ancient university in the world. If you are strolling through the city, you can visit the Law faculty and the main palaces of the athenaeum. To breathe the university atmosphere of Bologna, try walking down one of its most famous streets, Via Zamboni.

Piazza Maggiore
Great Bolognese songwriter Lucio Dalla defined it as Piazza Grande. Piazza Maggiore is an extraordinary meeting place and also the location of important buildings and monuments such as the Fountain of Neptune, the City Hall, the Palazzo dei Banchi, the Basilica of San Petronio (the most important church in Bologna and the fifth largest church in the world) and the Palazzo d’Accursio, which hosts the Salaborsa, an avant-garde multimedia library that is very popular among local inhabitants.

The Torre degli Asinelli
In what was once known as the city of towers, two have survived and become the city’s symbol: the Torre Garisenda and the Torre degli Asinelli, more than 90 meters in height and open to the public (498 steps will lead you to the top, where you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view on the city).

National Picture Gallery
Bologna is the home of one of the most important Italian picture galleries, featuring important works by Raffaello, Carracci, Reni, Perugino, Parmigianino, Tintoretto, Vasari, Guercino and many more!

San Luca and the portici

The history of the portici is tightly bound to that of the city of Bologna. Just think that in Porta Saragozza you can enter a corridor of portici that will accompany you for 4 km, all the way to the Colle della Guardia, where the Church of San Luca is located.

The ancient market in the “Quadrilateral”
There is a small area in the historical center where you can travel back in time to Bologna as it was, where you will encounter artisan workshops and above all the fish and fruit stands which once animated the Mercato di Mezzo. In these narrow and aroma-filled streets you will also find the so-called “buche” with their many goods. Nearby, you can visit the oldest restaurant in the city, where a good glass of red wine is definitely recommended.
So, besides the many business occasions which may lead you to our hotel near Modena and Bologna, don’t you think it’s time to also visit us for a lovely leisure trip?
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